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Questions Answered During Christian Premarital Counseling


A lot of Christian partners that plan to get hitched have not yet fully comprehended God’s designed plan for their married life. Some are too focused on their coming nuptials that they forget to ask for Christian counseling before marriage. For other couples the counseling exercise is just useless. The importance of how premarital counseling can help marriages succeed is taken for granted.

By going through Christian premarital counseling, each partner comprehends and in the end agrees on their roles in the marriage. In times of disagreements or conflicts, they would know how to resolve issues that their therapy meetings established to solve disputes. Counseling allows for open discussions on difficult topics to discuss.

Talk About the Spouses’ Roles

The roles of each partner in a marriage are described in Christian premarital counseling. Marriage among Christians is based on their religious beliefs. Even if the roles of spouses are defined, theso do not have to be strictly followed. Discussing the roles of spouses will give the couples clearer expectations in their marriage.

The Bible states that husbands and wives should love each other as much as they love God. To be prepared for married life it is important that the couple’s expectations of each other are clear. Their marriagewill become happier when expectations are met, and disappointments from unmet expectations are less.

Agreeing on who will manage the finances and earn for the family needs to be talked about. Included in role definitions is agreeing on whether or not the wife will hold a job and will she continue to work even if the couple has children.

More Premarital Counseling Topics

Depending on how open the future couple is, there can be discussions on issues about sexual relationship, how to raise their children, and how to deal with the partner’s parents. Christian couples are usually encouraged to discuss issues difficult to openly talk about.

One significant issue to discuss is agreeing on the partners wanting children, how many, and when. Some couples also talk about their plans to prevent getting pregnant.

If a couple has different religious beliefs, they need to talk about how their children will be brought up. In case of disagreements related to important moral or religious issues, what will they do as a couple?

Some partners even openly discuss whether or not separation will be an alternative, and if it is, under what circumstances. They may agree on the steps they will personally take before a divorce. If they reach a point of not being able to resolve their problems by themselves, are they open to asking the assistance of a marriage counselor, religious leader or other professionals.

Couples need to agree on ways they will keep their relationship. Despite the challenges of having children, a family crisis, stresses due to a loss of one’s work, or in times of financial issues will they stay married.

Premarital counseling session is when couples share their answers to the difficult questions about marriage. They address specific issues to resolve before marriage. By openly discussing sensitive issues the couple is able to take time to reflect on their Christian faith and values. They are able to confirm the values they live by and assess if they are ready for marriage.



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