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Relationships And Cheating – Can Trust Be Rebuilt


Do relationships and cheating go hand in hand? Now that to you might be an unfair comment or question to pose, maybe you have never come across it in your relationships, but i bet you know of someone who has. Perception does appear to be everything, and if that is the case people perceive relationships as just one step away from cheating.

If you have been on the end of cheating, there is no doubt about it , it hurts, it hurts a lot. But there are two sides to this cheating game, you the cheated on, and the other being the cheater. The thing about cheating is, you have to be covert in your actions, meaning telling lies and hiding secrets. But they must also carry around the guilt that comes with cheating.

Even if they don’t appear to be guilty, inside they feel it. The weight of guilt will manifest itself in various ways, not being able to look into the eyes of the one that was cheated on, is one. Unable to keep good relations with there immediate family, is another. But it has to be said that, despite the cheating a relationship can still be saved.

My guess is, you have been in a relationship whereby you have been cheated on. Maybe you got back together, maybe you split up? Is it really possible to get back together if the other person has cheated? How is it possible to make a relationship work after infidelity?

Rebuilding trust in a relationship could be more trouble than it is worth, because how can you trust someone who has lied repeatedly. Rebuilding trust with another person is possible, but only on your terms.

Are you aware of the reasons why they cheated on you? For you to take this person back, you must know the reasons! Could those reasons reoccur in any renewed relationship? Did something happen for them to stray from you, did a opportunity arise with another person? If it was a spur of the moment thing, it is doubt full that this person could be trusted again.

Understand this, if you do give your relationship another go, then be prepared to live with the constant suspicions that you might have towards your partner. Let me be clear, this can make you miserable. In the end it might not be worth putting the relationship under this kind of scrutiny.

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