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Scar Reduction and Cold Laser Therapy


There are quite a few injuries that leave us with little reminders for the rest of our lives. These scars can be small and barely noticeable, or painful, unsightly, and embarrassing. The last decade has given sufferers solutions in the form of topical creams, such as Mederma, or even Neosporin with Scar Reduction. While these solutions can be very effective, they really only work on newer scars, but now there is another option.

Could you believe that there is an easy, quick, and painless solution to scar reduction? Whether you have a relatively new scar, or one that’s a decade or two old, there is now a solution for you. Cold Laser therapy has proven to be very effective at reducing the appearance of scars, as well as pain, swelling, or itchiness associated with them. The FDA approved a batch of 3LT Cold Lasers in 2002 for this very purpose.

Cold lasers are much different from many other lasers; they do not work with heat, but rather with a single wavelength from the light spectrum. Cold in this case is simply the lack of heat; they are also referred to as low-level lasers, and are much safer at this lower temperature than their high-energy counterparts.
Studies have shown as high as an 80% reduction in pain from scars. Only cold laser therapy has had such high success rates against older scars. The procedure is completely external, and painless. They simply facilitate natural body processes on the cellular level, all in a noninvasive way.

The laser basically penetrates the cellular membrane and interacts with the mitochondria organelles. These are known as the “powerhouses” of the cell and create a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is our body’s main fuel. The increased amount of fuel is then able to help the body to work more quickly. Hence the rate of healing quickens. The laser therapy simply stimulates this process, and does not do any damage to the cell tissue whatsoever. This is particular nice for laser breast augmentation.

Cold Laser therapy is a painless and effective treatment for reducing visibility, pain, swelling, and irritation associated with many different types of scars. If you suffer from any of these symptoms from an old or new wound, ask your doctor about cold laser therapy solutions! You’ve got nothing to lose but a scar.



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