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Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back Revealed!


You still can’t figure out how he was able to end it so quickly. Do not jump to conclusions. You may be missing the signs your ex boyfriend wants you back! Rather than pass on the opportunity to possibly reunite with your former lover, figure out if there is hope. He may be on the fence, or he may truly want your company. It is not all over yet! Read on to figure out if your ex boyfriend still wants you!

Sign #1 – He is Still Calling!

Why won’t he just leave me alone! He hurt my feelings now he keeps trying to talk to me! Really? Then maybe he is not done with you. If he had truly moved on, he would not continue to call, text or otherwise message you. This is especially true if he frequently asks about your relationship status. That innocent “so have you replaced me yet?” could be the key to his real feelings!

Sign #2 – He Has Moved On… I Think?

Have you seen him out with another girl? Does the hook up seem strangely fast, or does the new fling change from week to week? If you notice he seems to flaunt the fact he is with nameless girl number 2, then he may only be doing it to get your attention and get you fired up. He wants to see you are jealous, which would indicate you still have feelings for him.

Sign #3 – Recalling Times Past

Does your ex seem to take pleasure in recalling your old inside jokes, nicknames, or memorable events when you were a couple? Another of the many signs your ex boyfriend wants you back is his desire to relive the past, despite the present. He may be falling back on what you once had as a way to bond with you and redraw those connections.

Sign #4 – Flirty Friends

You are no longer a couple, yet he still seems to do those cute little flirty things he did when you were starting out. He may be reverting back to the initial attraction period, in hopes of reigniting what you once had! If he seems a bit more affectionate than a friend level relationship should allow, then his true feelings are obvious!

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