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Simple Ways To Keep Your Conversation Going


When you are on a date or just talking to women, the worst thing that can happen is awkward silence. We all fear the dreaded awkward silence, so here are some ways to keep your conversation going.
Ask her about her career or future career. You can play this conversation either way.
If she is in college, ask about what she plans on doing in the future for her career.

  • Why did she pick this job route?
  • Was this career path something that she has always wanted to do or did she just become interested in it recently?
  • How much longer do you have until you graduate from school?
  • Does she have plans to get a graduate degree or just a bachelors degree?

If she already has a career, you can talk about what she does and how she likes it.

  • How long has she been at her current job?
  • How long has she been in her industry(not the same job but the same type of jobs ex. Accounting, Cosmetology, Business)?
  • If she has been in her industry a long time, why has she chosen to stay?
  • How long did it take her to get the job(ex. College Degree? Vocational School?)?

Just like the previous questions, there can be numerous questions that you can ask. Whatever you do, think of questions before you go on a date because the last thing you want to do is just sit there and not talk, it will not look very good on your part. Please do not bring a note card with the questions written on it, no girl wants to see you reading off questions to her. Most of all, be casual when talking with her. I know that is easier said than done, but it looks a lot better when you are not fumbling over your words. But even if you do fumble over a couple words, it’s going to be alright, just brush it off and keep on going.
Now this was only one topic that we have thought up all these questions for, which was her career. Now, you go think of other questions that you could use in conversing with women!



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