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Six healthy foods make you smarter


A well-balanced diet can provide human body with various required nutrients. As the saying goes, everyone has a different taste. It also applies to our brain. Let us have a look at what our brain is fond of.

1. Peanut.
Peanuts are rich in pantothenic acid that can improve memory. It contributes to enhancing our memory to take in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)coupled with lecithin in egg yolk and soybean. Besides, oyster and animal liver also contain niacin (vitamin B3) that can also facilitate the memory. The ingredients are enrich in pantothenic acid, such as yeast, peanut, bean curd, green onion, leek, and broccoli.

2. Brown rice.
Brown rice is rich in refreshing vitamin B1, which is able to convert glucose into energy. When one suffers from the deficiency of vitamin B1, it will result in fatigue, spiritual anxiety, and inability to concentrate. Large amount of vitamin B1exit in rice, and pork etc..

3. Banana.
Banana contains large amount of vitamin B6 that can cheer up one’s spirit. Brain nerve cells has quite much vitamin B6. When human body is faced with pressure, one will consume vitamin B6 to ease. If human body lacks vitamin B6, it will lead to the reduced production of “happy material” 5 – serotonin, resulting in depression. Those ingredients containing massive vitamin B6 cover crab, banana, bean, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and Chinese chives. Certainly, banana is high is calorie and sugar, you had better control your intake or match it with meizitang.

4. Kiwi.
Kiwi contains massive vitamin C that can relieve depression. Vitamin C also plays a significant role in the formation of brain neurotransmitter. Vitamin C is included in those foods like citrus fruit, strawberry, kiwi, guava, balsam pear, and fresh jujube.

5. Dairy products.
Large amount of calcium in dairy products can relieve the nervous feeling. Calcium is a natural tranquilizer, which is conducive to relaxing the nerve and muscle cells. When one suffers from the deficiency of calcium, one prone to be aggressive, even resulting in the muscle spasm. Calcium is enriched in fish and shellfish (sardine and saury etc.), alga (sea sedge and seaweed etc.) and dairy products (milk, yogurt, and cheese etc.).

6. Deep sea fish.
Deep sea fish contains large amount of essential fatty acids that can improve the efficiency of brain. There are hundreds of billions of nerve cells in the brain, whose information-delivering membrane is composed of fat. Once the fat content is deficient, the information-transmitting efficiency of neuronal membrane will drop, and the brain will be slow. Foods containing essential fatty acids mainly cover deep sea fishes like mackerel and sardine, as well as the edible cooking oil like corn oil and sunflower oil.


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