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Six Home Based Business Ideas for Working and Work at Home Moms


Many moms, especially  working moms with kids, want to find a home based business opportunity.  They want to earn money but have the luxury of being home with the kids.  Unfortunately, many moms searching for legitimate work-at-home  business opprtunities have become frustrated and disappointed with the countless advertised scams on the Internet.   Below I listed six home based business ideas for working and work at home moms. With these home based business ideas, moms can a operate their own home business..Also these home business ideas offer an alternative to work from home jobs.  The only requirement is a small amount of money and time.

1. Scrapbooking Business

Scrapbooking has become an extremely popular hobby and the favorites of countless people worldwide. This popular hobby has many benefits which include allowing you to take advantage of your talent of creating gorgeous pieces of art to earn money at home..

Many believe that the only way to build a business in  scrapbooking is by opening a retail store – but this not true. In fact, there countlesss you can turn your favorite hobby and into profitable home business: Here’s a brief summary::

  • Direct Sales Consultant – This is the way most people break into the industry. In fact, many successful retailer or product designer get started, through direct sales! There are currently more than a dozen of these “home party” companies in the scrapbooking field.
  • Scrapbooking Instructor – Do you like teaching others? Sharing your scrapbooking secrets in classes and workshops at your local scrapbook store or on your own at home is a great option to supplement your income at home.
  • Event Organizer – Scrapbookers love to connect or associate with others in their field. You can help provide the connection. If you’re good at planning events and are well-organized, you can become an event organizer.  You can plan and organize events like getaways, conventions, cruises and much more. venture for you.
  • Scrapbooking “Expert” – Scrapbook fanatics that publish article in major magazines and idea books sometimes build a following of loyal and devoted scrapbookers. This can mean the possibility of becoming famous nationwide and being offered the opportunity to teach and design scrapbooking products.

2. Greeting Card Business

Americans buy seven billion greeting cards every year? That’s the kind of potential the greeting card business offers. So, if your love painting, drawing or photography, you can use gift or talent for making money at home. Making and selling greeting cards is a fantastic home business. You can do this on a part time basis and you have the potential to earn up to$50 per hour!  It will be added bonus if you love to write short poems, rhymes or catchy and funny phrases. things.

3. Home Based Craft Business

If you are innovative and creative and enjoy making elaborate and beautiful craft items, you can benefit immensely from your talent and build an excellent home business selling these crafts.  You have the freedom to work from your home, and set your own work schedule.

Craft Items Can Be Sold in Many Ways

I listed a few below::

  • Retail Stores. The most popular way of selling craft items is through specialty craft or gift stores.
  • You can talk to merchandiser or store owners about displaying your creations. A great way to start is with smaller boutique stores, offering them discounts.
  • Consignment Stores. Consignment stores are a fantastic option for selling your crafts. They will pay you only after they sell your work, keeping 20 percent or more of the sales amount..
  • Craft and Flea Markets. Craft shows, flea markets and local fairs are an awesome way to sell your crafts.
  • Professional Craft Associations  – Check your county’s business information center for schedules of craft shows and markets.  Craft markets can offer you the chance to meet buyers and learn what they are looking for.
  • Online –  You can create your own e-commerce site, join virtual craft malls, or sell your products at online auctions.

4. Work From Home Selling Books Online

Books are one of those few products that are always popular. Do you have shelves full of books that you will never read?  You can turn them into cash. You can use website like Amazon or Ebay or create you own website.  Another great idea is to buy cheap used books from thrift stores, clean them up and sell for a profit.

The online book selling business is growing quickly. In fact, used book sales are held every weekend in every major city in the country. The events are a great profit earning opportunity for you.

5. Bed and Breakfast Business

The Bed and Breakfast business is a fantastic home-based business for those who want to work at home and can be a perfect home based business for a married couple.

Many travelers want to experience or explore a city from a local resident’s perspective while also saving money on travel related expenses.  

Here are some critical elements to establishing a successful Bed and Breakfast:

  • It is ideal if you have a large house with a few spare rooms.  
  • Your B&B needs to be located in a place that people want to go and that has more to offer than just a bed and a breakfast. For instance, ideal locations are close to national, park, beach or near ski lodge.
  • You have the ability to be a gracious host and cook a great breakfast.
  • You have exceptional knowledge of local events and attractions..

6. Home Based Travel Agent

One business that can easily be operated from a home office is a travel agency. You only need a computer and a telephone. Travel agents are no longer licensed, but many states do require travel agents to be registered and some also require them to pay bonds or follow certain guidelines. 

Important things to do when establishing your home based travel agency: 

  • Register as a Travel Agent with a Travel authority. This can be done by contacting The Travel Institute, ASTA, ARC and CLIA.
  • Set Up an Office at Home. You need to select a quiet area where you can make phone calls and meet with clients anddo your research for trips.
  • Register With a Host Agency. Host agencies are not required but can help you find clients, charities and other groups. They also have a forum to book your airline and hotel tickets for relatively low, flat fees. Also, registering for an agency relieves much of the pressure on individual agents by offering them support.
  • Market Your Business. This can be achieved by marketing in your local community through word of mouth, posters, flyers and also use the Internet. 
  • Unregistered Agents – Keep in mind that even in states that do not require registration, airlines, hotels and other vendors may refuse to do business with unregistered agents.


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