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Sleeping With the Enemy: Cheating and Lies Conflict In Relationships


It is obvious that the number one problem that occurs when a couple is having problems is CHEATING. Instead of working out your problems your significant other wants to go out and give his or her love away when they should be using that time to figure out if the relationship is worth saving. In some cases having an affair can actually make you realize how much your spouse really means to you, it is a terrible way to see but it can improve the relationship.

You’ve invested all of your time into a person and something goes wrong, no one is perfected. You are so unhappy and lacking the love and attention needed to fulfill your heart, the first man or woman you see that listens to you and all of a sudden you are thinking “I want to sleep with him or her, they make me feel good.” NO! Are you kidding? I mean come on yes, you can be attracted to someone else while in a committed relationship, but acting on those emotions is like adding fuel to fire it’s asking for way more than you can handle, dealing with abuse, being cheated on and lied to can bring out the worse in a person causing you to have social issues.

Sleeping next to this person every night and having the suspicion that something’s going on is such a hurtful feeling. Insecurities begin to build up and it just makes you wonder, why? You are the supportive wife or husband, you’ve sacrificed your time, dedication and heart to this one person and the only way they repay you back is by going out and committing adultery. Yes you are sleeping with the enemy, someone who hurts you and lies to you; how can you possibly lay next to that person and give your affection. It can put some crazy thoughts into your head; you might think about poisoning their food, do a little investigating or find someone to have an affair with. I know the poisoning part is far fetched; I would never do it though you got to agree a little there are some crazy people in this world.

Infidelity is not going to go away, the question is: Can you save what you two have built and is it worth saving? The talk show Cheaters and the online dating website Ashley Madison.com shows how profound cheating really is. I have to admit that if my boyfriend, who should be my husband by now, but if he ever thinks about going off with another woman there will be hell to pay! I will bleach his clothes, destroy his most prized possessions and kick him in the balls! I know it seems harsh and it won’t do any good to do that stuff, when you are hurt you don’t care what you do, you need to get it out, you need to explode as long as you don’t commit murder you are all good. The signs of cheating are pretty clear coming home late, not coming home at all, working long hours etc. Everyone knows a difference in their spouse’s actions, the signs of a cheating husband or wife are easy to spot.

Adultery can not only destroy a relationship, it can destroy the person on the inside that it was done to as well. Some are scorned and just cannot get over it; they seem to think that all men and women are the same. Divorce and a break-up can be difficult and can also be a learning experience. Life does go on and there are people out there that believe in monogamous relationships. Sleeping with the enemy can interfere with your social life and mental stability; confront them because your time can be used on something or someone who can make you very happy.



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