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STD's with flu like symptoms: What are They?


Almost every pathogen-caused illness – has the same symptoms. Measles and chickenpox are almost linkable with their symptom properties- also true for STD with flu like symptoms.

Sexually transmitted diseases have the same symptoms. Herpes for example, has the same symptoms flu has. People sick with the herpes suffers head and backaches, swollen glands, and fever. Sometimes it its symptoms are mistaken with ordinary fever.

People can get Herpes through sexual intercourse and skin contact. They can also get it from kissing – when a cold sore is passed through the mouth, vagina, or anus. The sexually transmitted disease multiplies in days and the first outbreak will develop from two to 20 days after contact. Right after the first viral attack, flu like symptoms starts to occur and skin blisters are visible on the infected person.

Herpes is one of the world’s most viral diseases. The world is going towards a more liberated culture – and sex is getting casual. In addition, there are people who do not know they are infected. This is what we call as asymptomatic herpes – wherein an infected person does not have visible symptoms of the STD. There are infected people out there still having unsafe sex with healthy people and spreading the diseases without them knowing.

Sometimes, herpes STD with flu like symptoms are mistaken with minor illnesses such as canker sores, bacterial yeast infections, impetigo, syphilis, and molluscom. Most of these viral and bacterial diseases show a herpes-related symptom such as skin and genital blisters and often accompanied by flu like symptoms.

What is the difference between STD and STI?

Sexually transmitted diseases according to health experts are infections that show visible symptoms such as blisters and sores. Sexually transmitted infections on the other hand are asymptomatic. If this is the case, herpes can be an STI or an STD.

Syphilis is also an STD with flu like symptoms. At the first stage of this sexually transmitted disease, the infected person notices one or more painless ulcers in the anus, vulva, cervix, and penis in men. If the infection is not treated, it will progress to its secondary stage. The symptoms will include flu-like illnesses, patchy hair-loss, non-itchy rash on the body, white spots on the mouth and tongue, and warts on the anus and vulva.

Where should I ask help?

A person, who has herpes or syphilis infection, should go straight to the doctor or any sexual health clinics nearby. It is important to undergo treatment at the early stage of infection because the virus still developing. In the latent stage, the virus will attack the nervous system, which is irreversible.

Doctors to eliminate these STD’s prescribe antibiotics but it would take time and discipline to completely relinquish the virus from the body. Some symptoms might even reoccur – two to three years after full recovery from the disease.

It would be advisable to abstain from sex until the doctor permits. Wearing condoms might be a way of protection however; these STD’s contaminates through the uncovered areas of the vagina, penis, skin, and anus.



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