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Storesonline Scam Review – Storesonline Complaints/Lawsuits


It is becoming a name heard more and more often, storesonline. What does the company do, what is their product and are they a company in good standing? Are there any storesonline complaints or lawsuits? Lets take a quick look into storesonline.

What Does Storesonline Do For You

A straight and to the point answer is, they help you start your own websites and market them online. For an upfront cost of about $7000 they start 6 websites for you and teach the marketing methods to bring traffic to those sites. Is this $7000 package worth it?

How The Storesonline Package Works

It starts out with a not out of the ordinary invitation in the mail. This invite offers a free lunch and free mp3 player if you come to the seminar. At the seminar a flash speech convinces most to purchase a simple $50 software that will help them start building a successful online presence. The catch is that the software will be explained at an upcoming conference where you will be upgraded to a $7000 package.

What Are The Storesonline Complaints

While the actual websites work and the marketing methods they tell people about are real, there have been a large number of storesonline complaints and lawsuits. Some of the biggest complaints are:

1- Takes extremely long for site to get up and running, sometimes months.

2- Websites that don’t function properly even after full payment has been made.

3- extremely poor and unresponsive customer service.

4- very high pressure sales at the seminars and conferences

5- grandiose claims that are not fulfilled

6- nearly 600 complaints with BBB ( Also, an F rating with the BBB)

7- 9 Attorney Generals suing for violation of consumer protection laws.


While I can’t call storesonline a scam because their sites work (usually) and they do know marketing methods, I would NEVER recommend someone become involved. There are to many storesonline complaints and lawsuits from very unsatisfied customers.

Plus, most of what they offer can be found for a fraction of the cost. The most important thing to remember if you are looking to start a website online is that a solid, consistent mentorship is needed to create a successful marketing campaign that brings buying customers to your site.

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