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Symptoms of Meningitis in Adults


Out of the two types of meningitis which are viral meningitis and bacterial meningitis, bacterial meningitis is known to be the more severe and life threatening infection. So in this article we will look at the symptoms of meningitis of this type so that preventive steps can be taken early in the infection.

First of all we will like to start by saying that there is no specific time period in which these symptoms will start to appear. It could be few days or few weeks before the meningitis symptoms start to appear.

Primary symptoms of meningitis

Now let us look at the main symptoms that are found in bacterial meningitis.

The first thing you will notice would be high fever with serious & repeated headaches. In addition to it the person will feel the neck to be very stiff. The stiffness & pain will be aggravated if the person attempts to touch chest with chin. He will have vomiting & feel dizzy and be in half consciousness state. The symptoms develop very quickly and the situation can worsen with a very short period of time.

Some other symptoms

Some of the other symptoms that will be found in a patient suffering from meningitis will be weakness & sluggishness, there will be convulsions, the muscles will aches quite a bit and there would be weird feeling like the shivering of muscles. Person’s eyes will be sensitive to light & would start to pain when they are exposed to light plus he may also have skin rashes which later on turn into blood blisters. The person can also have pneumonia, running nose, bowel disorder causing vomiting and inflammation of the salivary glands.

Symptom development

The manner in which symptoms start to develop and show up mainly depends upon the kind of bacteria which causes meningitis in a person. But normally we find that there is a gap between incubation and the appearance of symptoms in a patient.

As adult patients have higher body mass, their condition starts to deteriorate very quickly & alarming changes can be seen within 24 hours. At this time the patient becomes irritable and is likely to move into a sleeping stupor (if not coma). The patient can also form edema of brain that stops blood flow to the brain and can result in patient suffering a stroke or getting paralyzed.


So it is imperative that as soon as the symptoms of meningitis are noticed, the patient is admitted to hospital so that proper medication can be given and the infection is cured. At earlier stages it is easy to cure the patient if the meningitis symptoms are traced but if delay occurs in finding out the problem then it becomes very difficult to cure the disease.

The treatment for viral meningitis is relatively easier as compared to that for bacterial meningitis. For viral meningitis the patient is advised to stay as home, eat food which has lots of vitamins and take good amount of fluids during the day. The main idea is to strengthen the immune system of the person.



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