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Today Will and I decided to chill out and browse around our favorite subreddits with you. Don’t forget to go listen to the latest episode of our podcast HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/crash-on-my-couch/id1224065764?mt=2 Will’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/willdarbyshirefilm

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How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy on Valentines Day

[ad_1] Now that you’ve got a boyfriend you would like to make him really feel special on valentines day so you are considering getting him a gift. If you think that you ought to buy him the most highly-priced gift around to point out to him how much you love him you are wrong. Look at these gift suggestions that ...

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Katie Price Wedding Ceremony with Her Boyfriend

[ad_1] Katie price is a British celebrity who is a glamour model, business woman whose personal life is regularly flashed in British tabloids and magazines that are celebrity based. On February second, this year, Kate price and Alex Reid walked down the aisle in their wedding dress. The reports say that the couple exchanged vows in a quick wedding ceremony ...

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Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz

[ad_1] If your relationship with your boyfriend has been causing you grief lately, you may be in need of some guidance. After all, just what is it that makes for a loving, lasting relationship, and what are the signs that things are headed for a breakup? If you are wishing you had a “Should I break up with my boyfriend” ...

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Friends With Ex Boyfriend? Make Him Want You Back!

[ad_1] “Hey listen, I still want us to be friends…” Were those his words?  Did your boyfriend soften your breakup by offering to stay friends with you? Many women get stuck in the same situation: as the shock of losing their relationship begins to sink in, they cling to any broken piece of driftwood they can.  Instead of walking away ...

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How To Keep Your Boyfriend – Relationship Advice

[ad_1] If you are asking for relationship advice then you must be feeling unsure about how to keep your boyfriend. This can cause feelings of insecurity that may or may not be warranted. Sometimes it is possible to misread the other person and fear a pending relationship breakup when your partner might be preoccupied with the status of their job, ...

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My Boyfriend Wants To Take A Break- What Does That Mean

[ad_1] The college aged daughter of a close friend of mine recently asked her mom “my boyfriend wants to take a break, what does that mean?” Her daughter was confused, heart broken and a little angry and was looking for advice and solution. If you’re in the same situation here are a few tips than can help you through this ...

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My Boyfriend Wants to Be Friends – What Does it Mean?

[ad_1] So you’re dating this guy, things are going along smoothly, and then suddenly he springs it on you: “Maybe we should just be friends”. What happens now? Is it over, or is there a chance you can be boyfriend and girlfriend again? What exactly does a guy mean when he just wants to be friends? Any time your boyfriend ...

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The Cheating Boyfriend Test

[ad_1] When you’re in a relationship, you can tell a lot from your boyfriend’s behavior. If your boyfriend is acting differently meaning he’s distant, you may need to see if he can pass the cheating boyfriend test. Sometimes you fall so much in love with a man that it’s hard to see his flaws. But there are ways to tell ...

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Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back Revealed!

[ad_1] You still can’t figure out how he was able to end it so quickly. Do not jump to conclusions. You may be missing the signs your ex boyfriend wants you back! Rather than pass on the opportunity to possibly reunite with your former lover, figure out if there is hope. He may be on the fence, or he may ...

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When Your Boyfriend Wants To Take A Break

[ad_1] If your boyfriend says he wants to take a break from the relationship, it’s probably safe to say that he’s having doubts and is considering ending it. If you notice the warning signs, meaning that he’s distant or detached, you may be headed for a break. So where do you begin when he says he wants to take a ...

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