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The 5 Top Reasons to Call Off a Wedding

[ad_1] If you are dating someone and things are looking forward, you may be thinking about marriage. However, too many people make the mistake of jumping head first into an engagement without thinking things through properly. It’s easy to do when you have fallen for someone, but there are some things which you should consider before committing to spending the ...

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How To Make Him Call Again – How Long Does It Take

[ad_1] Experiencing a break up is never an easy triumph to reach. Nevertheless, there are a some tips and ideas that will get you make it more effortless and more resistant. Certainly getting over a break up gets more careful after some time but you can make that time move more imperviable by keeping a constructive attitude and concentrating on ...

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Health Tips for Call Center Agents to Stay Healthy

[ad_1] When call centers boast of uninterrupted services we may not realize at the moment that the credit goes to the hard work, sleepless nights and efforts put in by call center agents. The results may be success and growth for your business, but for them they output in stress, weakness and continuous fatigue as human body structure doesn’t allow ...

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[ad_1] BPO KPO LPO – My Call Center Story The essence of outsourcing By VIKRAM KARVE Short Fiction – One of my favourite fiction short stories, revisited… One leisurely morning, while I am loafing on Main Street, in Pune, I meet an old friend of mine. “Hi!” I say. “Hi,” he says, “where to?” “Aimless loitering,” I say, “And you?” “I’m ...

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