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Moral Hazard and Common Decency: Response to the film Inside Job

[ad_1] In 13 Bankers (2010), Simon Johnson defines moral hazard as “the temptation for bank executives (and shareholders) to take risky gambles, knowing that they would benefit from success but that taxpayers would bear the losses in cases of failure” (p. 177). With moral hazard self-interest may overcome responsibility for caution to avoid calamity. In any business endeavor in which  ...

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Wildfires – A Growing Natural Hazard

[ad_1] Wildfire/forest fire, whenever it’s raging, spreads fast and furious, covering vast areas extensively.  With the exception of Antarctica, wildfires occur on every continent, causing extensive damage, to both property and human life.   Even though some wildfires burn in remote forested areas, they are still liable of causing extensive destruction to homes and property in adjoining rural areas.    The ensuing ...

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