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Video: – The Importance of Vulnerability


We often imagine that what will win us friends and esteem is strength. But surprisingly, it’s vulnerability that’s at the core of friendship and likeability. This is an invitation to make friends with one’s own weaknesses. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/txVcMi Join our mailing list: http://bit.ly/2e0TQNJ Or visit us in ...

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What is hypnosis in Psychology?

[ad_1]  What is hypnosis? Hypnosis has been generally determined as a special state that is various from ordinary waking consciousness. Right now there is a very important dispute worrying the inquiry of whether hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness or just an usual state of mindset. But plainly, the most important thing is that fortunately, there is a basic ...

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University of Phoenix Psychology Programs

[ad_1] The University of Phoenix is a private, for-profit institute of higher learning. It is the largest private university located in United States of America with an urban campus located at Phoenix, Arizona. The University of Phoenix psychology programs have been designed in collaboration with both the academics and industry professionals in order to ensure quality and relevance. The University ...

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Relationship Psychology – Men VS Women

[ad_1] Before I tell you about relationship psychology, you have to know that there are several social norms which people are raised with in today’s society, and people have a general tendency to do as they are told and to live their lives similar to others around them so that they avoid being judged. This became a benchmark for people ...

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Abnormal Psychology Discussion

[ad_1] Abnormal Psychology is a ground breaking text on psychology, science and human understanding. The readers of the book will get a good understanding in the classic research of abnormal psychology. The book involves various research results, theories, treatment details and numerous controversies in abnormal psychology. The information, controversies and theories are arranged in a balanced manner. Abnormal Psychology also ...

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Importance of relationships. Developmental Psychology

[ad_1] Developmental theorist Eric Erickson found that psychological growth and development can occur throughout the life span. He identified eight life stages, each with a specific psychosocial problem that, if successfully resolved, brings about growth and the potential to master the next stage. The eighth and final life stage he called “maturity.” At this juncture, a person comes to realize ...

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