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The Recovery Time When Your Spouse Cheats Or Has An Affair: How Long Is It?

[ad_1] I often hear from spouses (usually wives) who feel that they their recovery time after their spouse’s cheating or affair has taken far too long.  I often hear comments like: “It’s been six months since I found about his affair.  Why haven’t I recovered by now?” “Or my husband has been trying for a long time to make up for ...

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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse With An Android GPS App

[ad_1] Imagine being able to know exactly where your spouse is at any time. If your spouse has a an Android cell phone (DROID, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S, and more), there are ways to be an “eye in the sky” and track their every move using a STEALTH Android GPS app, which is sometimes referred to as Android spy ...

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Cheating Spouse Signs – 2 Cheating Signs That Would Shock You!

[ad_1] The day she found lipstick marks on his collar, the wife knew her husband was dating another woman. Otherwise- she was not at the hair dresser’s when the husband wanted to surprise her, he found out some days later that she was seeing another man. Oh yes, these are situations straight out of 2 popular Hollywood movies. Life on ...

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Android Spy App – How Android Spy Apps Can Catch A Cheating Spouse

[ad_1] Android spy app is a mobile monitoring, tracking, and spying software application which is utilized to spy on Android cell phones using the Android OS, such as the Motrola Droid, Nexus One phones.  The way Android spy apps work, is that a individual should download the Android spy app directly into the Android device. This can be accomplished via ...

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