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The History of Sun Tanning and Skincare

[ad_1] As far back as recorded history man has had this unusual, special and reverent respect for the environment, especially the sun. This can be seen in primitive societies where people even worshipped it because doing so could warm their souls and also gave them a full harvest. During modern times, people revere it because it makes them feel better. ...

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What Are Some Safe Alternatives to Tanning Beds?

[ad_1] It is no secret that tanning beds are bad for your skin. Their harmful UV rays contribute to premature aging as well as various types of skin cancer. For some people, though, the desire for a bronze glow outweighs the dangers that they may encounter. So if you are determined to get a tan, are there any methods that ...

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Tanning Beds Vs. Natural Sun Tanning

[ad_1] “If you are not interested in using a tanning lotion in order to give yourself a sunless tan, you are left with two basic options: getting a tan at a tanning bed or getting a natural sun tan. The question is, however, which one of these methods will give you better tanning results? Breaking Down the Rays The reality ...

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The Advantages of Mystic Tan Self Tanning Spray

[ad_1] “Mystic Tan is a line of tanning products which provides a selection that allows for a little something for everyone. Perhaps you’re seeking the temporary tan of a bronzer with a bit of a shimmer for going from beach to bar; Mystic Tan’s Mystic Glo Facial and Body Lotions can provide that for you. Or perhaps you’re a regular ...

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Tanning Bed Cons and Pros

[ad_1] As the title would suggest, there may be more reasons not use a tanning bed than there to use one. With all the recent debate about overexposure to UV-A and UV-B or just plain ultraviolet radiation, the discussion has focused on the wide use of tanning beds that are in many ways a pure UV environment. While many people ...

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The Art of Maintaining Beauty – Diet, Exercise and Tanning

[ad_1] Maintaining and enhancing youth and beauty is something that is common to most cultures of the world. Doing so has become a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s no surprise then that many people are researching tips and secrets to maintain their own beauty. Well, by popular demand, here are a few things you might like to think about to do ...

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Benefits of Spray Tanning

[ad_1] While many people are spending endless hours under the sun or in a tanning booth to get their glow, others are getting them in less than half an hour in a spray tanning booth and avoiding the harmful UV rays. It’s exactly what everybody’s been looking for, an easy, quick and convenient way to get your skin looking darker ...

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Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator for Serious Tanners

[ad_1] Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator is a high end product aimed at true tanning aficionados. This product was designed to be effective when used for indoor tanning sessions as well as out at the beach. In addition to allowing for a deep tan, Australian Gold includes vitamin E and native oils which enhances overall skin appearance. The effectiveness of Australian ...

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Indoor Tanning While Pregnant: Is it Safe?

[ad_1] A tan or healthy glow can apparently make you look ten years younger. At the time when many women are not feeling as sexy as they once were, during pregnancy – is it safe to partake in sunless tanning? Can the harmful UVA and UVB rays be emitted through the skin into the unborn child? These and many other ...

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