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The Domestic Violence Act- Are the Female “Respondent”?

[ad_1] “I am the parliamentary draftsman I compose the country’s laws And of half the litigation I am undoubtedly the cause” [As per Section 2 Clause (q) of DV Act, the Respondent means any adult male person who is or has been in a domestic relationship. Hence, a plain reading of this definition clause would show that an application will ...

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Domestic violence comes from somewhere, it doesn't "just" happen

[ad_1] Hi again, since the last post i have done even better than i expected, in this situation i suppose you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s not your fault and the other party is the loser, ha ha well he is, he has lost everything……even his dignity with his family. Talking about his family, i am sooooo worried ...

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