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A Great Voice Is Mostly Hard Work

[ad_1] Some have superlative teachers and an awesome reputation. However, you do need to check what the curriculum is all about. A complete vocal education program combines creative and technical development with regular live performance — a thorough curriculum that will allow students to not just sing, but to communicate effectively with their audience. There are so many kinds of singing ...

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Sound More Professional – Hire a Voice Actor

[ad_1] In the world of business, there are many more than seven deadly sins, and one of the deadliest is not having a good contact point. It’s all great to go out and try to find customers, but what happens when a possible or existing customer wants to call you? Much of the time, they will do that by going ...

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Women Having Voice In The Relationship

[ad_1] Previous research have found that positive social relationships are often associated with better health and less incidence of cardiovascular disease. The assumption was based on the premise that the more friends you have, the better your health will be.  However, social relationships also include marriage. And due to conflicting findings on the health benefits of social support and the ...

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