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World War II Names Still In Our Vocabulary – Part Three – The Blitz

[ad_1] This is the third of a series of articles that document some of the names, places, catch words, and other items that are now lodged permanently in our vocabulary, History was made some 68 years ago. We dare not forget. From July to February, the name of the game is football. It starts with the exhibition season and ends ...

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The Art Of Love: Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War In Romantic Endeavour/

[ad_1] The Art Of Love Military historians have often speculated that Napoleon Bonaparte may have utilized Sun Tzu’s timeless treatise The Art of War in his victorious campaigns, losing only when he failed to follow its rules. Certainly, his often stunning mobility would indicate that perhaps he did. One thing is certain; The Art of War, written over two and ...

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