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Writing Better English Easy

[ad_1] A lot of individuals out there have English to claim as their second language. English isn’t the most spoken language in the world, however without a doubt it’s the most internationally recognized. Speak it and you’ll have doors and be able to communicate with right about any kind of citizen of the world. It’s not that it’s difficult, but ...

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Film Review Writing Tricks for a College Student

[ad_1] Comments and reviews are not the same aspects. Film review involves a deep analysis of creative work of a director, premises of the film creation, an assessment of its impact on cinema. Review is a critical analysis and evaluation of a work of art, in this case – of the film. The terms ‘review’ and ‘comment’ are quite often ...

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14 Tips Better Letter Writing for Workers Comp

[ad_1] How to Write a Letter Requesting Information Throughout the workers’  compensation process you will frequently need to write letters requesting information from health care professionals, your claims adjuster, a broker and more. Letter writing  is a lost art.  And, contrary to popular opinion, writing well is NOT easy. 14 Writing Tips: 1.  USE SPELL CHECK!   for obvious misspellings, but ...

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