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Clinging to the Comfort Zone: Our Belief in Beliefs

[ad_1] John came to therapy as a troubled young man.  In every way, his life was a series of successes.  He was a kind, caring individual who was passionate about life.  In spite of the emotional unavailability of his parents, he cruised through high school with exemplary grades.  He graduated at the top of his class in undergraduate school and ...

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Danger Zone: Obtaining life insurance when you work in a high-risk environment

[ad_1] Whether you’re headed to Haiti as a volunteer helping to restore the earthquake-ravaged country, or to Iraq as an employee rebuilding its infrastructure, or even off the shores of Somalia as ship crewmember and scuba diving adventurist, you or your boss will most likely be looking at higher premiums — if you can get life insurance at all. All ...

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