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Take the "Does My Ex Want to Get Back Together" Quiz


If you have a suspicion your ex wants to hook up again then try the Does My Ex Want to Get Back Together quiz. Below, you will find a list of possible indications. If you answer yes to four or more, then there is a good chance he or she is considering a second round!

Does My Ex Want to Get Back Together?

  1. Do they call or text often, even though you are apart?
  2. Have you noticed your ex making appearances at the places they know you will be?
  3. Did a mutual friend comment that your ex is talking about a reunion?
  4. Every time you go out on Friday night, does your ex show up, flaunting their newest fling?
  5. Are you receiving profuse apologies from your ex?
  6. Have they made no attempts to find a new significant other?
  7. Has someone mentioned (or did you catch them) lingering in places that were special to you two as a couple?
  8. Does your ex include you in any discussions about the future?
  9. When you do talk in person or on the phone, do you find that you have to end the conversation because they are reluctant to?
  10. Has he or she been asking friends about your current relationship status?
  11. When you do talk, does your ex seem to talk a lot about positive changes he or she has made?
  12. Does your ex suddenly have an interest in something that you do (but they did not before)?
  13. Do you notice that your ex speaks your name frequently during conversations?
  14. Has your ex gone to great lengths to be there for you recently?
  15. Have you noticed your ex acts nervous when they are around you or communicating with you?
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