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Tales of the Unexpected


The reality is that life is full of surprises and as we commit to share our lives with another person, we have no idea of what events might be in store. Every step of the way will present new opportunities and challenges which can test the strongest of partnerships. It is not simply the events that shape our lives, but how we deal with these changes in our lives and relationship.

Unexpected News

During our lives, we will be faced with many unexpected situations. From couples who have always planned to have a baby, but are unable to conceive, to the discovery of a health issue, these new situations can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It can be a challenge for either partner to manage the practical and emotional issues for themselves, let alone be strong and supportive to another person.

Even good news, such as a new job opportunity or an inheritance can shift the path that the relationship was following. Even though the change is positive, it can have a big impact on the couple and lead to resentment, frustrations and anger.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is at the heart of any strong relationship. Being able to not only discuss the issue, but also express your feelings is essential for riding the waves of life. When both people are fully involved in the situation it can be difficult to see the issues objectively and feel able to share your thoughts without adding to the problems.

For this reason many people talk with close friends and family members rather than their partner. This can help to get things off your chest and to gain a feeling of being supported, but at times professional support is needed in order to really deal with the situation. In some cases, specialist support groups may be available to support individuals and their families through specific situations.

In other cases, it may be advisable to seek the support of a professional and accredited couple’s counsellor. Couples counselling offers the opportunity for two people to share their thoughts and feelings within a confidential, challenging yet supportive environment. It can help both individuals to understand their own perspective and that of their partner, before plans are made on how to move things forward in a mutually beneficial way. If you could benefit from couples counselling, Basingstoke based Geoff Boutle http://www.geoffboutle.bacp.co.uk/couples-counselling.html has the expertise and experience to help.

None of us have training on how to deal with the unexpected events in our lives and in modern society, we often don’t give issues the time and attention they require. However, trying to ignore the problem or brush it aside whilst you get on with everything else doesn’t make it go away. At times, gaining the necessary support and giving a problem your full attention can be the best way to take positive action, so you can both get on with your lives.



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