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Ten ways to become a Bollywood Actor / Actress?


Looking for ways to Become a Bollywood Actor / Actress? You are at right place and here are the greatest ten tips for becoming a Bollywood Actor or Actress.

Bollywood (films) is one of the biggest industry of India. Becoming an actor or actress is not a cakewalk and you have to toil and struggle a lot. Most of the big Stars who are the icons of Bollywood have done their share of struggle and then reached to that level. Assuming that you do not have a star father or relative to launch you in Bollywood – you need other ways to come up in this industry.

To become a Bollywood Actor / Actress you have to be good – well that’s obvious. But we mean it and that is why we are writing it. You have to be good at following – if you have all ’10’ of the following you are a fit for Bollywood struggle:

10 Qualities you need to become a Bollywood Actor / Actress?

  1. You have good looks
  2. You have good physique and you maintain it
  3. You have good voice
  4. You have good commend over Hindi (must) and English (sometimes optional)
  5. You have good acting capabilities
  6. You are a good networker and get along well with people
  7. You are ready for prolonged struggle
  8. You can handle relationships and emotional disappointments
  9. You are ready to learn till death
  10. You can (sometimes) act selfish for your interests

Now if you fulfill the above criteria then we have next steps for you which you can use and try to enter the Bollywood.

Ten steps to become a Bollywood Actor / Actress

  1. Learn acting formally
  2. Learn Dancing formally
  3. Network with film industry people
  4. Learn professionalism
  5. Make a professional portfolio and website
  6. Become known and famous by modeling, TV reality show, talent hunt etc
  7. Appoint an agent, appoint a secretary and find a mentor
  8. Appoint a PR agency
  9. Chose your fist film carefully (if it looks flop at drawing board leave it)
  10. Have faith in yourself and keep trying for at least 3 years

I hope that these tips will help the budding actors and acress to have a clear thought process and make their plans effectively. If you follow these tips and find them useful do write in the comments below and share them with others.



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