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The Advantages of Mystic Tan Self Tanning Spray


“Mystic Tan is a line of tanning products which provides a selection that allows for a little something for everyone. Perhaps you’re seeking the temporary tan of a bronzer with a bit of a shimmer for going from beach to bar; Mystic Tan’s Mystic Glo Facial and Body Lotions can provide that for you. Or perhaps you’re a regular tanner who wants to use tanning lotions to enhance the glow that you’ve already got; Mystic Tan has products for you as well. But why choose Mystic Tan over the other options that are out there?

Here are just some of the many advantages to using Mystic Tan:

• Mystic Tan is meant for everyone. They have such a range of products that a tan can be had by nearly any skin complexion or any lifestyle. Maybe you’re a spring chicken looking to improve your tan for those hours you’re going to lounge on the beach this summer. Or perhaps you’re a not-so-spring chicken who wants to minimize the appearance of aging and maintain a great tan while keeping up with your busy lifestyle. Either way, Mystic has products for you.
• Mystic Tan gives you choices. They have different products and different options within those products so that you know you’re getting one name brand but a whole lot of choices.
• Mystic Tan offers sunless tanning which means that you don’t have to go sun bathe in the rays to get the look that you want. Their triple-action system (pre-sunless, self tanners and post-sunless) helps maximize the benefits of the sunless tan without overexposing you to sunlight.
• Mystic Tan provides you with moisturizers, exfoliants and other products which will help to keep your skin young in appearance. Because of this, you receive a great tan that’s smooth and even and you don’t get the premature aging problems that are often associated with tanning.
• Mystic Tan is more than just a product, it’s an experience. The Mystic Tan combines products and UV-free tanning booths to create an entire personalized experience for your body.
• The technology behind Mystic Tan beats out the competition. Mystic Tan works using a technology called MagneTan which actually uses the process of magnetization to make sure that your spray-on tan is applied evenly across your entire body.
• Mystic Tan comes backed with the support of a number of different users including celebrities like Kelly Carlson from the show Nip/Tuck and Arielle Kebbel from Entourage.

Unlike many other spray-on tanning products, Mystic Tan gives you an all-over natural tan. Because it uses a unique sunless tanning system that does not radiate UV rays, you don’t have to be worried about the health effects that sometimes concern people who are interested in tanning. And because there are so many different products and choices within the Mystic Tan line, you can rest assured that there is likely to be something in there that works for you. Mystic Tan is available at a number of different tanning salons so now all you need to do is find the location nearest to you.”



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