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The Benefits Of TVI Express


General Information:

TVI Express stands for Travel Ventures International. It got its start in 2009. They are headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company operates in more than 50 countries around the world. The company has partners with some of the biggest companies in the travel industry. For example, Virgin, Hertz, Avis, Sheraton, Swiss International Airlines, Royal Caribbean, and Hyatt, just to name a few.

TVI Express Opportunity:

To enroll in TVI Express, you must first have a sponsor. The cost to join is $250.00 USD if paid using a prepaid voucher. It is $275.00 USD if paid by Liberty Reserve or a credit card. It’s a one time payment for a lifetime memberships and does not comprise of any recrurring expenditures.

People who are members of TVI Express are referred to as Independent Representatives or IR’s. IR’s are given direct access to the backoffice where you will have admission to the a number of booking and search engines to initiate scheduling a holiday. You also get you own marketing package and a self replicated web site to begin advertising the TVI Express opportunity.

No products to sell. TVI Express is an e-commerce business opportunity permitting you to develop the business around the globe. But, you do have the other option of using off-line marketing techniques to form your business by conducting seminars and workshops about the opportunity.

As an TVI Express Independent Representative, your immediate goal should be to get 2 people to join you and then help them get two. The TVI Express compensation plan revolves around a matrix. (More about this later).

The company does have a stringent criteria for the advisory board and will only allow members to join with a minimum one year obligation to the business. The advisory board has access to trainngs.

TVI Express Compensation Plan:

Traveller Board:

When you first sign-up TVI Express, you are at position Level 1 of the Traveller Board. You earn $250 commission and an evoucher worth $250, for a total of $500 as you exit the board.
As the board fills, it breaks into two sub-boards giving you an uplift to the next level. All that is necessary of you is to qualify by sponsoring just two people.

Express Board:

When you cycle out of the Traveller Board, you get a position at Level 1 of the Express Board. You earn a mega bonus of $10,000 credited to the Online Wallet the instant you cycle out of the Express Board. You will also get re-entry into the Express Board for you to achieve another $10,000 in a revolving fashion.

Residual Income:

Once you cycle out of the Express board, you become eligible to earn Residual Income apart from the high paying Board payouts. You start earning 5% of the group revenue from sales in your existing network, which increases to 10% on every sale within your organization. There is no limit to the number of levels. This compensation plan pays until infinity.

Power Pool:

TVI Express offers 2% of the Global Revenue to its profit sharing pool which is dispersed amongst all Presidential Associates. The share of the revenue grows as time progresses. Currently, the pool offers $200,000 every month.

Incentive Programs:

TVI Express offers incentive programs too. As you sponsor more people who get to the Express Board, you are specified gifts ranging from laptops to yachts and private jets. To earn the most in the TVI Express program you have to sponsor as many people as you can, and the best way to do this it using proven marketing techniquies.

TVI Express Training:

TVI Express does offer trainings to its members. First of all, they do have a monthly ezine that is sent out to its members. The contents of the ezine contain personal development, businss tools, products and services, network news, and IR feedback

There is a location, on the TVI web site, that will let you to download presentations that you can use for your presentations to your leads.

They also offer videos that you can either present to your leads or direct your online leads to and let them watch these videos.

To be honest, this may be the one area I see as a weakness. For a company, that primarily uses the internet to market, it is imperative that its members are trained to market their business or else their chances of failure increases. Skills are extremely valuable, in particular marketing skills.

TVI Express gives their members replicated websites, which have proven to not be very effective on the internet. If you are using the internet, or not, you must have something in place the markets YOU up front, not your business or your products and services. You want to have a business that separates you from everyone else and the only way this is going to be made possible is through advertising YOU because there is only one of you. Why not have a system in place where a member of TVI Express can easily create a web site that advertises the them; that has their photos, their story, etc.


I consider that what TVI Express has in place is a good opportunity. The one thing that does stand out is the compensation plan. It looks as if you can make an income very quickly, but the training is what is going to hurt them. Without skills in marketing, you will be hard pressed to successfully build a business in TVI Express.

This is where I recommend using a marketing system that will offer trainings and tools to help the TVI Express independent reps to give rise to a successful business on the internet.

With a marketing system, you get the following:

– Lead Capture pages
– Setup and host your website.
– Training on how to implement search engine marketing campaign.
– Provide SEO trainings, search engine optimization to give you top engine rankings.
– Trainings that will enable you to get your website ranked high on the search engines.
– Can also offer these to your prospects.
– Provide interactive webinars every Wednesday to futher educate you on how to bring free traffic to your websit and build a successful TVI Express business.
– Provides in-depth videos that will walk you through the various steps that will help you explode your business.

and so much more…

Another gain that you get with a marketing system is a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a method in which you can create earnings while going through your learning curve. This is to prevent you from going broke while building your business, which so many of us network marketers often face as new members of an opportunity with little to no skills. In fact, if you get good at creating leads, you can actually generate a full-time income. This means that not only will you be generating a significant income for TVI Express, but you will also be receiving a significant income from the sales funnel of your marketing system.

In closing, with the proper training, a TVI Express independent rep can give rise to a successful TVI Express business in as little as 30-90 days, depending on whether he or she is a serious entrepreneur. A serious entrepreneur is an individual of action and will not mind rolling up their sleeves and engaging in behavior that can bring about success in their business. It really is up to you, the individual, on how you want to proceed in building your business. Remember, as a business owner, YOU are the BOSS!


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