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The difference between DVD Ripper and DVD Copy software


1.    The definition of  “Ripping”

The term “ripping” is often related to shifting formats and used to refer to all forms of media.

2.    What is DVD Ripper?

Then here it is understood clearly that DVD Ripper is the piece of software to transform audio or video content from DVDs into another media formats. For example, the hierarchy of files making up the audio/video data on a DVD-Video disc can be encoded into a single avi file, or wmv, mepg, mp3…, typically for playback on various players and portable devices.

3.    What is DVD Ripper for Mac?

Moreover, you might have met DVD Ripper for Mac or Mac DVD Ripper, which are the extended DVD Ripper dedicated for Mac OS. If you want to see the software review or get the free DVD Ripper for Mac, visit http://www.mediaxcer.com

4.    Why use DVD Ripper?

Ripping DVD breaks through the format constraints, to make it possible yet convenient to view or listen DVDs in various forms, such as on iPod, iPhone, PSP, YouTube… In addition, some DVD Ripper includes supplemented features, such as editing the DVD-video, decrypting DVDs, remove copy preventions and make disks region-free.

 Mediaxcer.com - DVD Ripper Usage

5.    What is DVD Copy?

The other software, DVD Copy, as the name implies is merely to duplicate the content of DVD to your computer for backup. Theoretically, in the process of copy, no format conversion is involved.

6.    Comparison

In conclusion, it is clear DVD Ripper is distinct from DVD copy software, in which, the source audio/video on DVDs is not formatted anyway.

7.    The legality of “ripping” or “copying” DVD

Note that both the legality of ripping and copying a copyrighted DVD is controversial. Even if you don’t use it for commercial purpose, you should keep your country’s law in mind.



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