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The Many Methods of Viral Marketing


Viral marketing used to rely heavily on email but it has grown substantially in recent years to take in many other forms and strategies. A successful viral marketing campaign can be created in many different ways including:

The most traditional and simple method of viral marketing was email and it is still a
viable method today. There can be restrictions on email and spam filters can sometimes get the better of you, but the results can still be outstanding often resulting in viral emails being sent all over the world with little being done by you.

Newsletters build upon email viral marketing but they allow you to provide even more information to prospective customers. Newsletter are generally sent to an audience interested in a particular topic, the information you send will be based on that topic therefore capturing their attention A fantastic newsletter can also assist with website traffic.

Possibly the most powerful of all methods in recent years, blogging allows website visitors to interact with your site and you can also interact with other bloggers so cross promoting is easy and effective. Blogging also allows easy customer feedback through comments, leading to increased word of mouth sales.

Chat Rooms
Having a chat room on your site means customers can chat to each other and hopefully recommend your products. You can also conduct tele-seminars which can attract prospective buyers. Cat rooms are a great way to build up a relationship with our customers and something they can tell their friends about and spred the word about your site.

Tell-a-friend Scripts
As long as you include a privacy policy, tell-a-friend scripts are a powerful way for people to quickly and easily pass on information to their friends as a recommendation for your products or services.

Video clips
Posting videos on sites like YouTube or even on your own site can get the viral machine pumping. People love video as they can digest information easier. If you create a good video, it is likely that people will pass this on to others interested in the same topic.

Flash games
Flash games get passed around through email and if you can include a small unobtrusive message in the game about your site, you can literally get thousands of visitors. You can also submit flash games to big game sites or social sites like Facebook where they can be accessed by millions of people.

Viral marketing has so many possible methods and implementations that it is impossible to ever run out of ideas. By combining several methods together, your word of mouth marketing campaign is sure to bring results.



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