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The Reason Behind the Rise of STDs among Gay Men


Regrettably, it has become a generalized thought that gay men and sexually transmitted diseases are two issues which are intricately connected. It has also been a long time already that the society has associated gay sex with that of the issue of STDs, and this notion is still alive these days. Because of the permanent high number of cases concerning sexually transmitted diseases among the gay men, one particular question never goes away: Why is still there a persistent practice of unsafe sex among gay men?

‘Bare-backing’ is the term which refers to the circumstance when one does not practice having safe sex, which means having a sexual intercourse without the use of any condom. It is a choice made by an individual or those who practice it. The question is why are there plenty of gay men still doing these kind of things? The decision to engage in barebacking is difficult especially when individuals and situations that are involved in this whole event change. If one is practicing anal sex with a steady sexual partner, one regular sex buddy, or that of a variety of individuals, there are strong probabilities that one has been faced with the question of whether to participate in bareback or not.

Most of the times, during the act of unsafe sex, the persons involved are not able to stop and think about the probable lasting effects and consequences that can be brought about by their decision. It has always been a common fact that unprotected anal sex can immensely increase any chances of a person getting an HIV disease or other types of STDs. But we should not also forget that barebacking  still involves individual thinking so it is not proper to generalize that all gay men are practicing this. Every gay man, exactly like any other person, is still his own individual.

There are quite several reasons why bareback is commonly practiced by gay men, however the individual person and the particular situation play an important role in the decision making. Many of these reasons may consist of:

-the belief that all gay men will eventually and unavoidably contract an STD, especially the HIV disease, so most are driven to think that the concerns should be thrown in the air and just appreciate sex (even if its unprotected) as much as possible.

-the ‘Live for the Moment’ thinking

-both sexual partners have already been infected with a sexually transmitted disease

-low self-esteem

-drug use

As what has been mentioned before, to engage in bare backing is an individual preference, or the choice of both partners, thus the onus is on the people who are involved. Nevertheless, if more and more information concerning the consequences and repercussions that bareback sex brings will be made public, then it will most likely positive about better results such as making the public become more aware of those stuff. There could be a change of ideas as well as behaviour with regards to this kind of sexual act, and this may be the step that could totally prevent STDs from attacking more and more people, no matter what their sexual orientations are, world wide.

Gay Men & STDs- what are the exact reasons why gay men have always been at a higher risk of contracting an STD? Find out the truth and the answers.



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