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The Secret to Getting Your Ex Girlfriend or Spouse Back: EMOTIONALLY CHARGED DATING


I don’t know about you, but I love Shalamar’s classic 70s disco song, “The Second Time Around.” As you can guess, it’s about making up with an ex and getting the relationship right with a second chance.

So many of us are in the same place. We desperately want a second chance at a relationship, and will do anything to get our ex back.

Good news! While a lot of techniques fail or don’t repair the damage enough to make the relationship work the second time around, The Magic of Making Up System DOES. Here are a few pointers that should help you make up and get your ex back, into a beautiful relationship that works!

The One and Only Rule to Getting Your Ex Back: MAKE YOUR DATES EMOTIONALLY CHARGED!

The time has arrived.  You’ve split up with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, and want to set up another “first date.” This can be intimidating, because you know it is not your FIRST date–it’s more of a “re-bonding” experience…which, after being split up and knowing each other quite well, can really be a drag.

How do you change that, so that your ex is EXCITED to be around you?

Well, as TW Jackson teaches in the “Magic of Making Up System” course, the MOST important secret to making the date a success is:



So what we can ELIMINATE as “second first dates” are:

      * Dinner and a movie (she can go to a movie with ANYONE, including her grandmother!)

      * A walk in the park (BORING! And only an excuse to bring up drama and ugly events from the past)

      * Anything that does not PIQUE her interest and make her think of your GOOD traits

If you just do ‘dinner and a movie’ you lose out on a Sociologically PROVEN principle…

emotionally charged experiences = bond

Makes sense, right?

What you want to do is foster the emotions that get her in that “making up” mood. That get her excited about a relationship with you, about the unlimited potential and romance that lie ahead.

A boring dinner with nothing to talk about (or only to fight!), WILL NOT achieve that goal.

But your goal IS to create an EMOTIONALLY charged and exciting date–you know, the type that has the girl thinking about you every second you’re not around!

And you can do that.  You can get into her head so that she can’t HELP but think about you–and want to get back with you!

Getting Your Ex Back with Emotionally Charged Dates

Here are a few of the awesome emotionally charged date ideas you can learn:

    1 – A rollercoaster ride. A short roller coaster ride is one GREAT example. When you think about it, how can going up and down with her lover at her side, holding her, NOT get a girl aroused and intimate?
    2 – A sporting event.–especially one SHE can enjoy. Sports are all about emotions. What better way to get your ex-lover EXCITED about something, and to rediscover the joy of being with you?
    3 – A music show. A rock show or live gig is a fun and enjoyable way to share common interests and get each other excited about one another’s presence.  I myself have used this tactic, and it works great!
    4 – An action thriller film. I once took my ex to Spider-Man 2, of all movies, and the romance, action, and emotion in that film REALLY got the excitement back in our relationship. DO NOT take your ex to a dull drama or depressing indie/foreign film. Take her to something fun and riveting, ideally with some romance. In other words: the film should give her the emotions you WANT her to feel about you.

In The Magic of Making Up, you’ll also learn about how to INITIATE this “second first date,” as well as how to create emotionally charged conversations that blow his or her mind! It’s really fascinating stuff, and it WILL help you make “the second time around” a clear success.



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