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The Swine Flu – Are Pigs to Blame?


At the epicenter of the new swine flu outbreak in Perote, Mexico is, not surprisingly, a very large commercial pig farm.  It is owned by American-based Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork packer and hog producer.  This location raises 950,000 hogs per year.  Hogs have the unique ability to change viral DNA into something that can now recognize human cells.  Thirty percent of the residents living nearby have this new swine flu.

There is no question that large hog farms are an ideal breeding ground for new viral strains.  The issue is complicated by large farms wherein massive waste is also present and difficult to manage, readily polluting nearby water.  The smell from such farms is beyond horrid.  Residents living nearby were the first to be documented with this new swine flu, and they are certain that between their polluted groundwater and when the winds shift their direction, the hog farm is the source of their flu problem.  The company says, at this time, that its hogs don’t have the virus.  Does anyone trust them?

I remember when Jessie Ventura had to body slam Cargill in court to get them to stop polluting Minnesota lakes with feces from its commercial farming operations.  In Mexico you can assume regulations are even more lax.  These commercial hog farms, like just about any commercial farming operation of any kind, are detriments to human health and tend to produce low-quality food at risk for transmission of food poisoning.

If this swine flu does pick up speed in the United States, every time it reaches a commercial pig farm it will get a major boost of virulent activity.

Don’t expect any politicians from the pig states to speak up. In fact, don’t expect the CDC or Department of Homeland Security to care at all.  They are going to be too busy trying to cram experimental vaccines down the throats of everyone – and now that they have declared an emergency you should fully understand that you have no right of recourse of any kind if you should be injured from such a vaccine.

If this does turn into a pandemic, which is still too early to tell, we will be looking at several years of the problem.  Anti-viral drugs will have limited effectiveness for the first wave – and after that the virus will mutate around them and they will be worthless (that will take 2-8 weeks).  It will take six months to make an experimental vaccine. In the mean time expect so many enforced quarantines that certain members of the public will be falling all over themselves to line up for the government’s concoction – I won’t be one of them.  Our government has a horrid track record with experimental vaccines, just ask our Gulf War vets. 

Government officials should consider shutting down commercial pig farms if this new swine flu starts killing Americans – the sooner the better.



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