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The Winner in You for Life..


You were born a Champion… I would like to share with you how one moment in your life, be it an article, a person, an incident or just a thought or dream can change your life forever. Let me share with you the revelations that changed my life and once understood and applied will forever change your life also. The first thing I learned was (there are no accidents in life, everyone you meet you meet for a reason). Second, I realized (everything that happens be it good or indifferent, happens, and is part of our past). Life is comprised of events and experiences that make us who we are. This allows us to live and make choices from a wiser prospective.

To better convey this thought: “To find the light, one becomes the light, and now can light the way for others”. Third, I learned and came to truly understand (Who I am is not necessarily How I am). This really allowed me to forgive myself and love the Divine Greatness in me. This might sound a little strange, let me explain. We generally are challenged by our self image or let me say how we look at our self. Let alone how we look at others. So in a nutshell we constantly judge ourselves and others by our outer appearances, possessions, achievements… you get the picture. This was absolutely life changing for me once I got this. When I understood and started to believe that I was born a Champion and others were too. I started attracting things that were consistent with my self image (Who I Am). We can “NEVER” outperform our own self image or self portrait.

Let me give you an example: imagine a friend that constantly loses his temper, acts up, makes a scene when you go out, etc. Well, you might not like it, but you expect it because that’s how he or she is. Now let’s say this person has a totally different image or perceived character: focused, successful, organized, healthy, kind, likable, can do anything and every other great quality. That is who they are and you wouldn’t expect anything less from them. We do not get out of life what we really want we get what we expect (the law of expectation/attraction). Remember: How you are, is not Who you are. Fourth, and probably the most important is realizing the greatness in others. Remember we are all born Champions. Let me give you an example: have you ever had a misunderstanding with a co-worker, friend? After that incident you form an opinion about that person and say they are a *@#! or something to that effect.

Well from that moment on you will interact with that person different because of how you look at them. We tend to look at ourselves and others based on past events. Here is another thought for you. “Life is not an event it is a process”. We sometimes get caught up in events from our past that we tend to not ro allow ourselves to live our present to its fullest. Always remember to speak good to yourself of yourself for that voice is the loudest. Love yourself, so you can love others and you will love your life. May this article touch your thoughts, your heart, and your life.

“May our greatness be measured, not by the things we do, but rather the person we become”

To Your Success and Happiness,

Ralph Henry




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