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Thermage : a Unique Therapy


There is a new awakening among beauty industry honchos that people prefer health to beauty and more and more people are opting for cosmetics that have fewer side effects. Thermage is one such enlightened company which not only produces beauty products, but provides advices to their customers on how to apply them in a proper way.

Many people fall prey to nefarious advertisements of manufacturers. Beauty business is one such field where it is very easy to swindle the customer. Hence it is imperative on the part of the customer to keep a close watch on the product and find out its effects and counter effects before applying them. As I told you, more and more people are lining up for natural products or products which do not harm them in some way or the other.

The company, through its website and advertisements aver that the skincare procedures they sell are good to smoothen and tighten facial skin, especially of women. These procedures are said to be successful in reshaping the jaw line and chin. They also straighten up wrinkles around eyes, mouth and forehead.

The website of Thermage claims that the procedures marketed by them are non-invasive, without any need for surgery or injections, and takes only a little bit of time to complete. The initial aim, it is said, is to tighten up the skin and stimulating the existing collagen in your body to give the skin a new texture and glow. Results are also bound to come about in double quick time.

Our skin consists of three layers, and one of these layers contains large quantity of collagen. The beauty procedures of the company help in heating up the inner layer where collagen exist, which in turn acts to tighten the skin, thus smoothening out the wrinkles and creases. The procedure is claimed to be safer due to the absolute lack of injections and surgeries.

The targeted audience of the company is women over the age of thirty five and under sixty, but others also can use the product, if felt needed. An added advantage here is that Thermage provides its customers free consultation with a specialist to find out if the procedure is okay for them. Experience tells us the benefits accrued from using the procedure are not uniform or universal.

It may take anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours to complete the procedure as per the seriousness of your problem. The procedure is not painful, but some may experience a short heat sensation. Repeated visits to the clinic are also not required. The effects of one treatment may last up to six months, depending on your life style. However, this kind of treatment is more expensive than other methods. The company does not offer money back too.



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