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Tips On How To Make Your Marriage Work


Are you having trouble coming up with the perfect plan to make your marriage work? Are you facing divorce? Have you already separated? Is divorce looking like it’s going to be the outcome of your marriage more and more with each passing day?

It doesn’t have to end that way – even if it seems inevitable right now. You can save your marriage. You can even get your ex back if it’s already come to that. You just need a little help to make that happen. Here are a few tips that can help you get your marriage back on the right path and stop your divorce proceedings dead in their tracks.

Stop Fighting the Divorce or Separation


You thought this was about putting a stop to your divorce didn’t you? It is! Sometimes, going with the flow, for a little while, can get you much better results than fighting every step of the way. More importantly, it reserves your energy for better fights that are sure to have better outcomes.

Tell your spouse that he or she is right and divorce seems to be the only way to go. Fortunately for you, in most places, divorce isn’t a one and done sort of process. It takes time and negotiations. So what you’ve effectively done by doing this is that you’ve bought yourself a little time to put your diabolical plan into motion.

There is a sneaky extra benefit you’ve gained from this though. You’ve caused your spouse a moment of surprise that is sure to be followed by more than a few moments of doubt. Seriously, when was the last time you agreed with your spouse over anything – especially THIS? When you suddenly do an about face and agree to the divorce your spouse is going to start wondering why the status quo has changed.

But later, after the initial shock has had a little time to sink in, your spouse is going to begin to feel the first little twinges of doubt about what’s going on. It’s easy to fight the fight when there is a fight. It’s another thing to keep fighting and be absolutely certain you’re right when there is no resistance on the other side of the equation. Your spouse is going to start to wonder what he or she did wrong.

Your spouse is going to stop feeling like the “injured party” and start doing a little soul searching to see what he or she could have done differently instead of focusing solely on what he or she wishes YOU had done differently. It’s a subtle shift in thinking but one that will make all the differences in the world for your chances to get your ex back.



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