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Tips on Talking to Girls: The Art of Communication with a Babe


It is often an average-looking guy’s torture to see a hot babe in the arms of someone who obviously needs some lessons on looking good. I don’t want to say “ugly” for most of them are either insanely rich or have just downright mastered the art of communicating with girls. That’s right. Stop whining “Why him and not me?” and look deep within yourself, find out why you never scored that highly with women and find out below some tips on talking to girls.

• Be confident. Easily said than done. Guys often get nerve-wrecked when seeing a beautiful girl, what more if they have to approach her. Gaining confidence can be critical, but remind yourself that you’re also one hot dude and you deserve the best. Remind yourself that you’re smart and amazing and when you do, it reflects outwardly and makes you look someone a hot babe would want to hang out with.

• Be cool. Don’t act too eager or overtly excited when that girl suddenly chats with you. Thank God, she is. At the same time, don’t act too scared or shy for this will turn them off. Converse like it’s the most normal thing in the world, be sensitive of what she wants and most of all, stay calm and collected.

• Be mysterious. Intrigue is often the most powerful thing that attracts girls. When talking to them, don’t unleash all possible information about yourself, instead, just give her bits and pieces. Use your mystery as an advantage and chances are, girls would want to know more.

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