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Top 10 Interview Questions And Answers For A New Job



Benjamin Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

“Top 10 Interview Questions And Answers” which can be of a great help while you are preparing for an interview.

Some one has rightly said that success is counted sweetest by those who have experienced failure very closely. In these hard days of global economic down, it has become all the more difficult to get a good job. Educational qualifications are simply not enough to help you get a dream-job. There is a need of having a spark which can give an ignition to your personality.

The personality of a job seeker should have a zeal and attraction which can lure the employer and you become the first choice. There are many key factors which you should keep in mind while seeking for the job. Remember you are not the only one who wants a job. There may be many aspirants who are in the queue for the same position.

If you want to grab a good job opportunity, you must be prepared to answer not only commonly asked questions, but also the unexpected ones. Most of the frequently asked questions range from your qualification, career-interests, work-experience and personality assessment.

1. Tell me something about yourself.

Remember: “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Introduce yourself confidently and exhibit pleasing personality. You can start with your name and your educational qualifications.

You can also add about the various extra curricular activities and clubs that you have been a part of in your student’s life. Also talk about your work-experience if you have any. Try to focus on your positive attributes.

2. What are your positive strengths?

I have a positive attitude in life and I try to create positive vibes around myself. I also motivate my team to give their best.

You can answer this question in a more specific way: “My strength is my ability to adapt in a new work-environment quickly. I can learn the things faster, which helps me to outperform.

Due to having this quality, I have been promoted to team-leader designation in just 4 months at my last job.”

3. What are your weaknesses and how can you overcome that ?

This is a psychological and a very tricky question to make you speak your own weakness. If you are a new comer then you can put your experience as your fallacy but do not forget to add the quality of your academic achievements.

You can also say that you are very particular about everything which sometimes becomes annoying for others. Another good answer can be: As far as my weakness is concerned, I think that my inter-personal skill could be better, and I’m constantly working to improve that.

 Suggestion : Whenever you come across questions regarding your strengths and weaknesses, emphasize on your positive attributes and minimize your shortcomings. Let the interviewer realize although you may not be perfect, you are constantly working to improve your weaknesses.

4. Why should you be selected over other candidates?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in job interviews, which you must answer deftly. The indirect implication or purpose of this question is to evaluate your unique features.

Everyone wants to be selected for the job and desires that he should be given preference over others. To answer this question well, you need to exhibit your exceptional attributes as well as valuable set of skills. Pin point your strengths and try to be very precise and yet informative.

You must consider beforehand what the employer is stressing as requirements for the job. You should have a complete list of those requirements before attending the interview. Evaluate yourself to explore some qualities inside you that fit for the job.

5. What are the reasons for applying for this job?

This is a cliché question usually asked by an employer to see how much you are desirous to get the job. Try to focus on the job details rather than praising the company and the employer. Be in your calm and do not show over enthusiasm in your behavior.

6. What are your expectations from the job ?

Expectations are always high and say to the employer that you want to see the growth of the company and give the best output that you can.

7. Why did you leave your last job or are leaving it ?

If you are applying for this job over past one year, then try not to be too negative about your last job. Remember till now or still you are a part of that organization. Say that you want to take new challenges in job.

8. How much are you able to handle work pressure ?

This is again a psychological question and you can say that the positive and competitive environment in the work place will inspire you to handle the work pressure.

9. Where do you want to see you in the next five years ?

Everyone wants to be successful and say that you look at your company to grow at its best in the next 5 years as it will mark your success as well.

10. How much salary do you expect from us ?

The answer to this is that you can ask the employer to evaluate and judge you. You can say that the salary paid by the employer will be as per the norms and you can discuss this issue later on as well.

This list of top 10 interview questions and answers will definitely help you prepare a blueprint for your next job-interview. These are some of the points which can be a guide to your success. Wishing you a happy and bright future!



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