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Top 10 reason to choose a christian single for a date


1. Devoted to the Lord. Christian singles were devoted to the Lord. They praise and honor God every single moment of their life. They have great love and fears to the Lord—things we wish a person have.

2. Long-term relationship. With these singles you have an assurance of having a long-term relationship because when it comes to love they take it seriously. They are sincere and faithful to their chosen partner.

3. Responsible enough. Most of the Christian singles especially men are responsible enough. They are not the type of person that would go away of their responsibilities. In short, they are responsible with their obligations to you.

4. Family. When it comes to family issue they were well-oriented with this. They really value this. Not tomention that they were considered as one of the perfect mother/father to your children and the perfect wife/husband to you.

5. Conservative (women). Most of Christian singles especially women are so conservative.They value theirdignity and physical purity. For these singles, saving sex for their spouse is the perfect gift that they could give.

6. TRUE LOVE. The most important thing that Christian singles can give. They will really take care of your heart and promise to give you a happy ending love story.

7. Loyalty. Unlike other singles, these people are loyal to their love ones. When they have a promise they gonna keep it as they can. They want trust to each other.

8. Loving. Most of them are sweet, loving and caring to their partner. They will protect and comfort you always.

9. The total respect. Christian singles have a total respect to their partner. Even your family, friends and relatives will be treated as part of his/her family too. They will understand and respect your decisions ( if possible ) and learn to love each others weaknesses.

10. Willing to relocate. You can have these singles in your side everytime you want because for the sake of love and marriage these Christian singles are willing to relocate. They love to spend their time and life with you.



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