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Top 5 Reasons To Stay Healthy


We all know that we should keep ourselves healthy. We know it but we don’t really practise it. And why’s that?

I have a hunch. It’s because we don’t really know WHY we should stay healthy. Or to be more specific, what the consequences are if we don’t.

Here are 5 reasons why I think we should keep ourselves healthy all the time. Whenever I feel like my health has taken a back seat to everything else in my life, I use these 5 reasons to remind myself just why good health should be brought right back up to the top of my list of priorities

1. I’ll be able to live longer.

Plain and simple. And it’s not such a difficult concept to grasp actually. We stay healthy, we live longer. We live longer, we get to enjoy more of life and the little miracles that life has to offer. Best of all, we get to watch our children and grandchildren grow up.

2. I’ll have a confidence boost.

This has really been proven. Time and time again. Just last week I met up with a long lost friend. He used to be well, overweight, for want of a better word. That was a year ago. He’d recently taken up gym and hired a personal trainer. And now, not only is he fitting into most of his clothes, he exuded a confidence that I never saw before. All this because in the inside, he told me he felt much healthier and this gave him the confidence boost and energy he needed. Which brings me to my next point …

3. I’ll have increased energy.

Healthier body means more stamina and increased energy. And that also means that at the end of a long working day you’ll still you have the energy to dress up and go to that party your colleague invited you to.

4. I’ll be able to avoid diseases and illnesses

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Nobody wants to be sick. And studies have shown that healthier people have better immune systems which help prevent dreaded ailments. And i’m not talking only about short term ones like the flu or cough. We’re talking heart diseases, high cholestrol… all of which are less likely in healthy individuals

5. I’ll be able to look better, if not great

Yes, shallow as it sounds, but it holds true for everyone doesn’t it? Ever heard of the term true beauty comes from within? Especially true if you’re healthy and it radiates in the form of healthy skin, rosy cheeks and overall good health.

So there you go. I run through this list every time I find myself needing a reason to get off that couch and hit the gym and stay healthy

I hope it gives you a reason to do the same too…


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