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Traveling to Rio De Janeiro for Single Male Travelers


Rio de Janeiro lies on the South Atlantic Coast, in Brazil. It brilliantly stands out among other famous cities for its notorious carnival; it also shares to the hungry eyes of the traveler breathtaking landscapes, as well as many other attractions known under the label of “beach culture”. Not just a pass-time, but a genuine life style, this designates the way an immensely wide range of activities take place, and they all revolve around Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach.

If you are traveling to Rio de Janeiro, you should know that the city has four main parts. These are Zona Sul (the southern part, which comprises the beaches, the better neighborhoods and most tourist-popular zones), Centro (including old colonial-style buildings as well as financial and administrative buildings), Zona Norte (holding the favelas and the Maracanã stadium) and Zona Oeste (the Western zone including famous beaches).

It is easy to reach the city by plane, as well as from other state capitals. Within the city, several buses operated by Real run every 30 minutes, are equipped with air conditioning and are quite comfortable. The subway is also a good option. However, if you find yourself traveling to Rio de Janeiro with very little time to spare between attractions, you can also take a cab. Be advised, though, these are obviously a tad more expensive.

In any case, any single male travel Rio de Janeiro guide will strongly advise you not to exclude the beaches from your travels. They are undoubtedly the reason why millions visit the city each year. Cariocas, the way Rio residents are usually referred to, have created a different specific for each beach in particular, and although Copacabana and Ipanema are the most notorious, they are definitely not the only ones worth visiting.

In addition, the unwritten single male travel Rio de Janeiro guide definitely states that beaches are among the best places to find women willing to offer escort services. Be very careful when traveling to Rio de Janeiro, though, and do not be deluded: it is very unlikely to find girls willing to do this free of charge. Many men were attracted with such promises to the poor favelas where they were beaten and robbed.

A single male travel Rio de Janeiro guide will most likely confirm that Help Discoteque is ground zero when it comes to finding these women. Some have even referred to it as Heaven on Earth. Although Thailand is famous for the same type of industry, there is nothing quite like having your share under the Brazilian sun. Getting back – this disco is the place where around 300 beautiful girls lie around every night, and the prices are reasonable.

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro will definitely be a rewarding experience. This is excitement tasted in exotic circumstances. If you want fun and stimulation in one out of the ordinary package, Brazil is your choice. Once you get there, you will see that everything our guides are talking about is as real as possible. Who knows, it may even exceed your expectation. Brazil is always a surprising travel jewel.



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