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Treatment of Viral Fever in Ayurveda


Sometimes you may feel extreme chill, your nose begins to run and a few bouts of sneezing get the better of you. You feel feverish too. It is very easy to diagnose the disease as the viral fever that very often makes you bed ridden for a few days and you are sure to be confined with tremendous ache on the whole body. Gastric problem is allied with it to make you totally upset. Actually this viral fever is caused due to the invasion of a special type of virus that cannot be killed with the broad spectrum antibiotics too. This fever is located in an epidemic form and usually occurs in the time of season change. According to ayurvedic physicians this malady is named as the Vata-Shaishmika Jwar.

According to the principles of ayurveda this malady is caused due to imbalance of the three Dosha, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. With the change of season the Doshas get imbalanced and lead you to fever. Ayurvedic doctors opine that those who are prone to allergy and frequently suffer from throat problems are the target victims of this fever. But it may make one with good health bed ridden though he may have enough immune power.

The ayurvedic drug that is prescribed in general is pippali (long pepper) with the juice of ginger. The juice of the two herbs is mixed with honey and is given to the patient three times. In ayurveda this the first drug to combat viral fever when you experience temperature. After the administration of Pippali the temperature is sure to be subsiding and the throat problems are relieved.

Some ayurvedic practitioners also start the treatment with Holy Basil; Tulasi.The leaves of Basil are made paste. Then powder of ginger is mixed with the paste. Now tea is made with the two elements. Sugar and milk may be added as you need. If you can this tea three or four times daily you are sure to get relief from running nose, sneezing and throat irritation.

Another effective ayurvedic medicine is Turmeric. The paste of Turmeric is mixed with a cup of tea. You may add sugar if you like. Now enjoy every sip to drive the allied problems. If you can take this particular ayurveda product you are sure to recover within a short period.

You have to be conscious of the diet. On the onset of the viral fever according to ayurveda you should not eat anything or take light food. You may take barley and sago to avoid the gastric problems.



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