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True Relationship


True relationship is a great and honest thing anyone would crave for in their love life. Unfortunately, many people have come in the name of wanting to have a true union with their loved ones only to disguise and have a pound of flesh and then they quit without any warning. How sad!

These are some tips to honest and true relationships and if followed and adhered to will lead to a blissful union.

1. Be Open. Openness in your relationship makes you to be able to see your loved one as they truly are. There are no pretenses or dishonesty. Everything is just real. You owe it to yourself and your love one to be transparent by what you say and what you do. If truly followed, your relationship will be on its way towards being great in every sense of the word so much that you always cannot do without the other person. Truth is…just be real!

2. Avoid Anger. Anger is a pest that parasites on your relationship and must be avoided like a plague. It steals the joy of every relationship and cause those who are led astray by it to become like a monster.

3. Be Generous. True genorosity turns the world around. A generous fellow lives a legacy for himself and his loved one that will always speak for him. Be generous to your loved one and you are generous to the world.

4. Be Best of Friends. True friendship cannot be bought with a price. It can’t even be quantified in any way. True friends will never split even when the odds are stacked down. They rally around one another all the time.

5. Honesty is Compulsory. Being honest is no option. You just cannot afford to be dishonest in your conduct. An honest fellow has the world under his feet. Let people take you by your word. When things begin to go wrong in your relationship, you will make a great number of true and genune friends who will sympathise with you and will offer to proffer a way out for you.

6. Avoid Suspicion. Do not ever attempt to be suspicious of your loved one. Just take them by their words. If they ever discover you are suspicious of them, you may likely lose them for life.


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