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Truly Disturbing Movies


Many people watch horror and suspense films, but there are still some viewers that can’t handle a certain amount of horror. These films about to be listed are only a small variety of the truly disturbing films that are out there. For the people that have a strong stomach and strong feelings, these movies may change that depending on your taste of movies. Below is just a small variety of movies that were made to disturb and shock the viewers. For now, the list will stick with 3 popular disturbing, disgusting and shocking films which you may know.

Maniac- This American made film produced by Joe Spinell and featuring Hollywood gore effects from the popular Tom Savini. The film is about a serial killer in which stalks and kills various women. As the film goes on, we eventually begin to learn why the killer, Frank goes on his rampages. It was due what had happened to him as a kid and his abusive mother. However, the film is disturbing not only by some of the gore scenes, but as we begin to know and view the mind of this truly disturbed mad man. It gives us a first glance into a mind of a truly sick minded person and the violence that occurs.

Cannibal Holocaust- This film was directed by Ruggero Deodato and was banned and censored in various places in the world. It shows the footage of a group of documentary makers who face the wilderness in South America. Through their adventure, they eventually encounter a group of cannibals. The graphics and footage is highly disturbing to viewers and is extremely graphic. This movie is a great film yet it is truly a disturbing film that certain viewers will not handle.

Salo- or The 120 Days of Sodom is probably most likely more disturbing then both of the previous 2 films listed. This film was directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini and is truly a masterpiece that is however an extremely disturbing and difficult film to watch. The film was made in Italian, although the new version that came out recently, has an English dubbed track. It’s a film about fascists that gather teenagers and put them through extreme torture in the 120 days. The film is disturbing, nauseating, sick and graphic, making this a truly disturbing movie to viewers.

Basically, this was a minor list of the truly disturbing films that were made for the film watchers. Even though the films are masterpieces, they are still difficult to watch, especially for the average movie fanatic.



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