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Two Popular Hollywood Sci-Fi Movies


American Science fiction movies are popular worldwide. World over audiences eagerly await releases of American sci-fi movies and many of them have a huge fan following.

Two important movies that created quite a stir after its release were ‘Total Recall’ and Matrix.

Total Recall

Starring the popular actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, this American sci-fi action film was made on a huge budget ever made by any Hollywood movie at that period (1990’s). The special visual and audio effects are still remembered by fans even today and coincidentally, the movie won an ‘Academy Special Achievement Award’ for special effects that year.

The film had a sequel made, ‘Minority Report’ by Steven Spielberg, which was also a great success in the year 2002. Post the success of Total Recall, books and video games were created and released worldwide. There are many ‘movies online’ sites from where it can be downloaded.


Based on a simulated reality created by machines, the movie was a great hit in the year 1999. The film is famous for popularizing the visual effect called bullet time. The movie is popular for its stunning visual and sound effects and had many sequels made after the success of the first release.

The movie received Oscar awards for film editing, sound effects editing, visual effects and sound. The note able aspect is that it won the Academy award for visual effects against a strong contender, Star Wars. It also received awards from BAFTA and Saturn Awards and was clearly a strong favorite among other hit movies of that year. The movie had a series of comics, video games and animation series made after its huge success.

These movies are available on the Internet. Watch movies online to save on time and energy spent in buying a DVD. Sci-fi movies are also popular among kids, so watch them online and have fun this weekend.



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