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Ukraine Marriage Agency – Pros and Cons


Probably you are flooded with offers for everything: from cheap stock options to spring outlet sales. And somewhere between the tons of ads you notice a loving face offering matchmaking services.

Ukraine marriage agencies are growing in number in response to the huge demand and interest of western men. The ex-soviet republic became independent some 16 years ago but it is still under heavy economic crisis. This forces many people to search for better life abroad. And what is better if this life comes with a marriage?

At the same time life in the west is getting more stressed. Men do not have time for long dates and often are stuck in their workplaces where every search for a suitable wife ends in disaster. It is a fact that western women today are after their career rather than a family. According to the latest statistics the birthrate is going down and the age when women give birth for the first time is going up to 35.

Here comes the Ukraine marriage agency which has found its specific niche and is working on to develop it. For a certain amount of money the matchmakers are promising access to thousands of Ukrainian women profiles. They assure that everyone is happy with this and that every marriage arranged by them is more than successful and long lasting.

This is true but only if you are realistic and have frank opinion of the marriage. International marriages might turn into a nightmare because people from different cultures have different values. If your American wife supports you and has nothing against your frequent overtime hours in the office steeped in paper work, the Ukrainians are more family oriented and it is hard for them to find an excuse why you prefer to spend more time in the office than with the family.

In addition they are ready to follow you to your native country but there they face the challenges of the new environment and often fall in a deep emotional crisis. They have left all their friends and relatives behind and if the husband is not close to his wife at this time, the adaptation process may fail and the marriage will not be successful.

All these difficult moments are usually forgotten by your Ukraine marriage agency. They will consult you only up to the moment when they can take money for their services. They will offer you more and more profiles for whose contacts you should pay. Later they will flood you with offers for presents with which you can impress your future bride.

They can even organize an individual bride tour for you during which you will be encouraged to meet as many ladies as possible. At the end of the day, when Mendelssohn is just a bare echo, this agency will disappear and will not help you deal with the challenge of your marriage.

All the gossips and promises that Ukrainian women are devoted, caring and loving are true; as well as it is true that they are probably some of the best mothers in this world. They are ready to drop everything and to look after their children until they grow up and take their own life in their hands. There are no doubts about this.

But what is more important for you is to think well and learn from your marriage agency, not only contacts but also advice. If you learn to understand the other culture, you will be the happiest “Ukrainian” husband.


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