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Unhappiness in Life Causing Marriage Issues – Carol Ann


If you are unhappy in aspects of your life outside of your marriage, does that affect your relationship? Stress can be a huge issue inside the marriage, with such subjects as money, sex and child rearing causing internal stress. But if you’re not happy outside your marriage it may have an impact on it.

There are lots of stressors out there that aren’t based in your relationship at home. If you’re in a bad job that’s making you miserable it can have a really big impact on a marriage. This is quite a big problem for a lot of people as they struggle to make ends meet.

These issues are not from inside the marriage but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to cause marital problems because it certainly can create an environment for them. Problems such as depression, sexual dysfunctions and frustration may arise from these external stressors, and then the disagreements start over such things as sex and finances. It may appear to the stressed spouse that these are marital problems when in fact they are coming from their internal stresses over external pressures.

It is important as a couple to work through these issues. Many couples do not need or can not afford marriage counseling, but they do need to sit down and try to get to the root of the problems together. Allowing personal issues to enter your marriage is truly inevitable, you are both individuals who will feel stress and experience life problems, and of course they will come into the marriage. The importance is to truly understand the underlying issues and solve them together. It may require your support, but you can do what it takes together to make things right.

A real problem will arise if the stressed spouse won’t talk about what is happening or becomes truly depressed. This might be a situation where individual counseling would be a good thing, this would enable them to verbalize what’s occurring to someone else, enabling understanding. This may be the way to get to the root of the issues and help solve the marriage problems arising from one person’s stress.



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