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US Military Singles Online- Keeping Your Romance Alive With GI Joe Or Jane


Military Singles

Building a military dating relationship is difficult enough if you see each other regularly, but it’s almost impossible if the love of your life is thousands of miles away serving in the Armed Forces. However, there are ways to keep that romance fresh and make it even better than a close distance relationship when you communicate via the Internet.

In previous times, letters to soldiers, sailors and other personnel were the only method of connection. Love letters often didn’t reach their intended recipient until many months after the person left at home mailed them. These were the only messages from home the soldiers received and they waited for them eagerly. Messages from the soldiers were also sporadic for their loves at home.

Telephone communication became popular as the world progressed but these were too expensive to do frequently. Today, even military in combat zones now can communicate regularly with their loved ones via satellite Internet service. It now takes much of the distance out of a romance with someone in the military.

Using the Internet and military singles dating sites allows instant communication and military dating at a distance. Just like any date, there’s a specific time to begin. If you have a relationship with a person in the military, you’ll soon be able to identify what time it is where their located and be ready for your date night. You don’t have to dress up anything but your words.

If you’re involved with someone in the military, prepare ahead of time for your Internet date. Plan ahead of time things that you want to share. Since you don’t have the chance to see facial expressions when you use instant messaging or chat rooms, write out what you want to say and read it back aloud. Doing this gives you the opportunity to see if your message has any interpretation other than the one you intended.

Look for interesting topics that the two of you can share. Just like any other type of dating, sharing beliefs and ideas help cement the relationship. If you’re a slow typist, do the work ahead of time, then cut and paste if when the words you wrote seem appropriate.

Find romantic quotes, pictures and share your dreams with your military love. Think about what you would tell him or her if he or she were sitting next to you. You can even go to the movies together if you choose. Select a movie you both want to see and order it for view on the Internet at the same time. Mail your GI some microwave popcorn and a beverage for the date. You can instant message during the movie, snack on the pop corn and your date night is almost as close to one you’d have at home, minus the ability to hold hands.

By taking the time to plan special events well ahead, you can use the mail and Internet to make your dates online spectacular. Send package with special items but they can only open the packages when you’re online together. The items in the package can be anything from candles for a romantic candlelight dinner to background music CDs. When you try to picture what you’d do on a date where the two of you share the same space, you’ll find your creative juices flowing.

Dating on the Internet isn’t easy, but you can make it a lot of fun and a great experience. You’ll find that you often get closer because you don’t have as many distractions, which allow you to learn more about each other. Often you’ll find you’ll share thoughts that you would feel uncomfortable saying in person. For military singles the distance can work for you, but you have to put in a little extra effort.

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