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Used Mobility Scooters at Affordable Prices


At various points in our lives we may need help with looking after ourselves or simply getting around, this could be due to an accident, an illness or merely the fact we are getting older. However this shouldn’t mean we have to lose our independence and rely on others to do our daily chores or get out and about – buying a mobility scooter gives you the option to live life to the full and not let your change in physical strength affect the way you live.

Electric mobility scooters are great when you need extra assistance getting from place to place promptly and effortlessly without using too much energy. The ability to cover considerable distances at very little cost makes them extremely popular and they offer all kinds of benefits including the freedom to go to the shops and visit friends when you like, as well as carrying out those little jobs completely on your own.

Scooters can give you the freedom to go anywhere you wish when you want, and that’s invaluable. Making the decision to buy is generally delayed due to limited finances, having to save over a period of time means you have to wait, and if it’s getting more and more difficult to get around then it’s a wait that is painful and inconvenient.

In many cases it makes a lot more sense to look at used scooters as an alternative to new models as they are cheaper, can look nearly as good as new, and often come with extras that have been fitted by the previous owner – saving you even more money.

You’re not sacrificing quality by buying a second-hand model as they are extremely durable and you can find high-end models at a much cheaper price than they would cost brand new. If it’s a private sale then you need to ask certain questions as to why they want to sell. If they have upgraded to a superior model or their mobility problems have ceased then the reasons why are obvious, however it’s still worth asking as there may be some underlying mechanical problem that could cost a lot to fix, in this case it might actually be better to look for another option or buy a new one.

Other aspects to consider are the age of the vehicle and if the warranty is still valid. Check its overall condition including the state of the tyres and battery, if on its last legs then you don’t want to be spending money on it. You’ll also need to test it out for comfort, if you will be getting around on it regularly then you want to be able to ensure you can adjust it if necessary and the seat is comfortable. The length of the platform on mobility scooters varies with each model and if you have long legs this could be an issue if it’s too short, also ask if it has a swiveling seat if you need help getting in and out of it.

Indoor scooters are designed for tight corners and narrow hallways and are smaller so can be stored more easily, whereas outdoor models are sturdier and intended to endure uneven pavements, high kerbs and the elements of the weather. If your intention is to get around the local area seeing friends and doing a bit of shopping then you’ll need a durable 3 or 4 wheeled option that can handle these kinds of conditions better.

It’s important to find a scooter that meets your individual needs, take care and spend time looking for a model that is right for you, accessorize it with items you need such as sun covers, storage compartments and weatherproof coverings to get the most out of your new found mobility. Search online for quality scooters like the Liteway 8 and learn all there is to know about the different models and how they give you freedom and liberty.

Find quality models like the range of Sterling scooters available and get back your independence, if you’re reliant on relatives or friends at the moment then you’ll know what a bind it is, whether you choose to invest in a new product or buy a used model the choice is up to you – they are all quick, reasonably priced and you can go where you like, when you like.



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