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Veer Hindi Movies


Lets face it – Though Veer is not a very commonly used word in Hindi now a days, it still brings out memories of bravery and courageous fighters who defended the Indian territories against foreign invaders. And though not in daily use while speaking in Hindi, our Bollywood has taken quite a fancy to it. I mean, look at the number of Hindi movies with Veer in its title :

Dharam Veer released in 1977, starring Dharmendra and Zeenat Aman
Kranti Veer released in 1994 starring Nana Patekar, Dimple and the ravishingly hot Mamta Kulkarni
Maha Veera – 1988 with Dharmendra and Salma Agha
Raghu Veer in 1995 starring Sunil Shetty and Shilpa Shirodkar
The recent Jai Veeru with Fardeen Khan in the lead along with Dia Mirza

And just for fun, I might also add these hindi movies :
Akshay Kumar’s 8×10 Tas Veer
Shahrukh Khan’s Veer Zara with Preity Zinta
and the classic Ashok Kumar movie Anmol Tas Veer from 1978

And now the latest Salman Khan ‘s Bollywood movie Veer is all set to hit the silver screen on 22nd of Jan 2010. So whats this new movie Veer all about ? Looks like Salman has taken a cue from the success of British era films like Lagaan, and decided to pen a similar story himself. He thought of all possible storylines where he would have ample opportunity to take his shirt off – infact he was almost going for another cricket story so that he could mimic Ganguly, but realizing his limited cricket skill, he decided on a action packed anti British saga of love, woven with strings of treachery, with ample of scope for bravery and drama against a black and white backdrop of the British Raj!

Salman Khan in Veer plays the role of a member of the Pindari family who are known for their valour, strength and bravery. They prefer death to dishonour, and they are ready to fight to the end to save their land. In this story the bravest Pindari – Veer takes on the entire British Empire along with King of Madhavgarh. Being Bollywood, where no film has a chance unless there is atleast a hint of romance, so we have prncess Yashodhara, daughter of Veer’s ace enemy. Amongst booming cannons, clashing swords and piles of dead on the battle field, Veer fights to avenge his father’s dishonour, for his love, for survival and for honour.



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