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Video: – X Ambassadors – :60 With X Ambassadors

:60 With X Ambassadors. 2017

X Ambassadors have been strong from the start, but they got a big boost when Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons heard their track “Unconsolable” and helped get them signed to KIDinaKORNER, a subsidiary of Interscope Records. He also co-produced the group’s 2013 EP, ‘Love Songs Drug Songs,’ which kicked the Ambassadors’ career into high gear. The alt-rockers – formed in Ithaca, NY and featuring vocalist Sam Harris, his brother Casey on keyboards, and drummer Adam Levin (co-founder Noah Feldshuh is currently on hiatus) – won legions of fans while touring with the Dragons and Panic! At the Disco. And they keep adding to their string of hit singles. Their next album will be released at the start of the new year, and the new single “Ahead of Myself,” whose video features live vocals (no lip-syncing) by Harris, heralds great things to come. In our :60 With session with Sam, he picks his fave Jay-Z song, reveals his biggest fear, and settles the pancakes vs. waffles debate.

Director: Priya Minhas
Producer: Dan Nastro

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